Active Armour helps 500 families Thru ADFA

31 mars 2021 /

The security company Active Armour helps 500 families with food and sanitary products in desperate Lebanon.

“It is my duty to help where I can. I can’t ignore the fact that it feels especially touching to be able to help children on the streets where I myself played as a child,” says Nemer Haddad, the company’s CEO, who was born in Beirut.

It has hardly escaped anyone that the need in Lebanon is enormous. The Lebanese lira is worth one tenth of what it was worth in March 2019.
In Oct. 2019, the Lebanese people began protesting against high inflation, unemployment and corruption. They have had enough. The situation was unsustainable. And then it got worse. The pandemic hit the world in March and April 2020. Just when they thought the bottom had been reached, a massive explosion at the port of Beirut rocked the city, leaving 157 dead and 5000 injured. Another 300,000 people became homeless. Three of the city’s largest and most important hospitals were destroyed. Everything just fell apart for the Lebanese.
Here in Sweden, in just a few days after the so called Beirut Blast, ADFA raised SEK 1.2 million which was used to buy food for the needy.
Active Armor’s CEO Nemer Haddad has long followed ADFA’s work. He was one of the aid organization’s first donors. As early as 2014, when the organization was founded, he contributed with relief shipments to Iraq. He has since also donated money to fundraisers for Syria.
Due to the pandemic, ADFA has not been able to hold fundraising galas, which are the organization’s main sources of fundraising. But the organization has promised volunteers in Lebanon to raise enough to help 1,000 families (Lebanese and refugees) during Easter.

Everyone in ADFA works voluntarily, and no one has a salary, something Nemer Haddad says is one of the reasons why they bought advertising space at ADFA. The money goes directly to people in need.

”I am moved to tears by Nemers’ generosity. He and others make our work feel extra important and encourage us to continue. The amount donated by Active Armor will go toward food and sanitary products for the first 500 families. We hope that more people follow Active Armour’s example and buy advertising space from us. We also have plans to distribute food in Qamishly, Syria”, said ADFA’s president Nuri Kino.


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