Active Armor – First AID Kit

18 maj 2022 /

Outdoor Tactical Medical First Aid Bag.

A small and handy bag that contains the most important things to save lives when an accident occurs.

For travel, camping, climbing and other outdoor activities.

Medical, first aid, emergency.

Size: Lenght 21 cm,   Height 7 cm,  Width 13 cm.


Tourniquet 1 pcs
Roll of tape 1 pcs
Band-Aid Patches 25 pcs
Scissors 1 pcs
Tweezers 1 pcs
Bandage (10X12 cm) 2 pcs
Rescue blanket 1 pcs
Mitella triangle bandage 2 pcs
CPR mask (disposable) 2 pcs
Nitrile gloves 2 pairs
Wound wipes 10 pcs

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