In the event of war

09 januari 2024 /

In the event of a war situation.

In the event of war, it is important to prioritize the safety of yourself and your family. Stay informed of local developments, radio is the safest and most reliable source of information, have a contingency plan and follow official government guidelines.

Prioritize personal safety and your loved ones. Stay alert, follow official instructions and seek shelter in designated safe areas if necessary. Check out your shelter. Find out who how many are connecting to it.

Create an emergency plan by identifying safe locations, establishing communication methods, preparing necessary supplies, and having a clear evacuation route. Keep important documents and contact information available. Do a drill and carry out an evacuation of your home.

Make sure you have necessary supplies such as longer shelf life food, water, first aid kit, necessary medications, flashlights, batteries and important documents in your emergency kit. Keep the kit available.

Identify multiple evacuation routes from your location. Be familiar with both primary and alternative routes and consider different modes of transportation. Stay informed about road conditions and updates from local authorities.

Nemer Haddad/Active Armour