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Nemer Haddad

Owner, founder and CEO

Active Armour

Active Armour was founded in 1995, since then the company has been developed and expanded to a full range security company with a focus on police and military. Our core business is ballistic products made for military, police, guards and for private use – vests, plates, shields, helmets and bomb blankets. The military vests have been designed together with Swedish Special Forces.



Our ballistic products are of top quality, specifically designed to be serviceable and secure. The products are made from the best materials available on the market. In order to ensure top quality, we develop our products with both design and the client demands in mind. Several military forces, police, and guards are currently using our products.


As specialists in the security business, knowledge from our extensive network of suppliers worldwide is implemented into our products, which have been evaluated and tested. Our products include; advanced communication systems, thermal cameras, encryptions, interceptors, uniforms and other security products, currently in police and military use.


Our personnel and partners have extensive experience from the military and the security market. With our different skill sets, we claim to be one of the leading companies in Europe.



The international market is handled through Marlon International Ltd with an office in Hong Kong, China and Stockholm, Sweden.

To uphol your confidence in Active Armour, four core values are cultivated here: Honesty, Watchfulness, Helpfulness and Responsiveness. Ethics and morality are an essential and intrinsic part of Active Armour.

We offer a full range of high quality ballistic products, specifically designed to be assistive, convenient, efficient and secure.