Ballistic Vests

Active Armor’s core business is ballistic products made for military, police, security and private use – vests, plates, shields and helmets. The military vests have been designed together with Swedish special forces. All equipment meets the high demands placed on security equipment today and several military forces, police and guards currently use our products.

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Ballistic body armour vest. Tactical safety vest that is completely in Molle system. Detachable protection at shoulder, neck, throat, upper arm and crotch. All loose parts are attached with a unique system with Quick Release.


A ballistic vest that can be used hidden under your clothing or on top of your clothes. It protects the front, back and sides of the carrier and provides a total protective surface on the torso (upper body). At the same time as it is perfectly cut out to be able to act freely with arms and when you step in and out through the car and when you sit down. Level of protection: Swedish standard – RPS2. International standard – NIJ IIIA (National Institute of Justice).


A ballistic vest that is adapted for those who want the lightest safety vest that always protects front and back – all vital organs and a small part of the sides. It is basically invisible under the clothes and that the material in the fabric is extremely durable and thin. Level of protection: Swedish standard – RPS2. International standard – NIJ IIIA (National Institute of Justice).


Plate Carrier Molle. Active Armour Sweden has designed the plate carrier model “Plate Carrier Molle (PCM)” in Sweden strictly to the specifications stipulated by our border and manufactured by our company. This model is made for tactical use and has front and back protection with a quick release system. The vest cover is made in fire resistant Oxford Nylon. Colour: Black, Khaki, Green and Camo. Can easily be changed upon request. Net weight: 1,2 Kg.


Safety vest in the form of a jacket or coat that is manufactured according to the customer’s wishes. Used by politicians, business leaders, bodyguards and other people in need of protective equipment. We are upgrading standard jackets to ballistic protection – up to RPS 2 / NIJ IIIA. Also pockets for reinforcement plates. All types of jackets with zippers and vests with or without detachable arms.


Ballistic plate. Traumaplate, made in Sweden.


For safety vests. Made of the same material as our safety vests – the world’s strongest fiber, Polyethelene. The plate weighs 400 grams and stops all ammunition from pistols, revolvers and Sub-machine guns. It protects against the Swedish ammunition 39B (9 mm bullet with steel core, AKA ”Cop Killer Bullet”) which usually penetrates all safety vests. Dimensions: 27×20 cm.

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