We have the perfect solution for camera surveillance, from pinhole cameras with a lens as small as a pinhead, to several camera systems and PTZ cameras that you can easily control via your mobile phone or a joystick.

Zoom up to 10 times with autofocus, rotate 360 ° and tilt more than 90 ° almost completely invisible as the lens is hidden within a dome. This allows you to conduct very discreet and effective monitoring.

You can also get very reliable PUSH alarms and can then have full control via the mobile phone or computer. In the event of an alarm, the camera can automatically move to the preset position to capture the event. The camera can also be set to track moving objects. Face recognition exists now and is becoming more common.

We perform all types of camera installations and can build them into existing environments to hide cameras when needed. We provide GDPR full documentation and catalogs and marks on drawing placement and we submits full GDPR approved installation and execution.

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We are happy to come and visit you to see what your needs are and give you a safety analysis on how to protect your home, company, property or summer cottage in the best possible way.

Our alarm systems can be connected to any alarm center, nearest neighbor or someone else. They are completely independent of any operator, which is very cost effective.

We install anything from small home alarms to large facilities.

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Touch screen with full HD recording with a special connection between camera/microphone and DVR. Easy to use with 3 inch screen. You can watch live, download recorded material, remotely control via your phone. Motion Detection and Push Notis Indication. 270 hours battery life.


Very good alarm for home and office – easy operation with all alarm functions. In the package: Acoustic Glass Sensor, Door Magnet, Hub, IR Detector.


Mycket bra larm för hem och kontor – enkelt handhavande med alla larmfunktioner. I paketet: Akustisk Glassensor, Dörrmagnet, Hub, IR-Detektor.

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