We carry out qualified security investigations in order to map, identify and document suspected criminal activity, internal irregularities, etc. We also perform background checks and perform reconnaissance work and information gathering. 

You do not always have the time or opportunity to do a reconnaissance work yourself. Many times the right skills and prior knowledge to obtain evidence or clues are lacking and in some cases private individuals are completely discouraged from trying to find answers to certain questions themselves, as it can be dangerous if you do not know how to handle the situation so as not to be discovered and end up in a vulnerable situation.

If you yourself are emotionally attached to a certain situation, it can also cause you to take unnecessary risks or draw conclusions too quickly. Hire a private detective instead who looks objectively at each situation and who really tries to produce concrete evidence that you can use.

Active Armor has been active in the detective industry for many years and we carry out assignments for both private individuals and the public sector and companies – both in Sweden and abroad. Our staff has solid detective training and a background from either the security industry, the police or the IT sector. By hiring us, you will get help from people who have extensive experience of reconnaissance assignments and who know how to work safely in different situations.


Avoid unnecessary risks.

It is extremely important that you get help from someone who is experienced when you suspect criminal activity. It may happen that in the reconnaissance work you encounter people who are deeply criminal and private individuals should avoid putting themselves in that kind of danger.

We offer services such as security missions, missing persons, investigations, infidelity investigations and much more – always with 100% respect for the customer’s integrity. If you wish, you can hire us completely anonymously. We are hired by private individuals as well as companies and the public sector .

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Polisen förväntar sig hög standard från deras entreprenörer. Vi använder vår utrustning på många olika sätt i många typer av situationer, och det måste vara funktionellt, av hög kvalitet och mycket mångsidig. Active Armour’s skyddande västar och annan säkerhetsutrustning uppfyller alla våra krav.

Fredrik Olsson/Lars Bröms - Polisen

Som ägare av en butik med mycket värdefulla varor, måste du alltid vara ett steg före när det gäller säkerhet. Att bara sälja produkter betyder inte allt, att säkerställa att min personal är trygg och bekväm på jobbet är lika viktigt. Active Armor erbjuder mig just det, genom deras stora kunskap och stora urval av säkerhetsprodukter.

Olof Larsson - The Rolex Store

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