First Aid Kit

FAK stands for First Aid Kit.

With first aid equipment, you are prepared if a dangerous situation arises. We have specially designed first aid bags for situations that may arise during, for example, a military operation. Many of our first aid kits are already used by special forces and military units around the world. We have military medical bags with MOLLE mounts designed for first aid in the field that are easy to attach and offer quick access to all contents.

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Military First Aid Kit Bag, Type 1. Content List: Military Tourniquet x 3, Emergency Military Trauma Pressure Bandage 4 Inches, Emergency Military Trauma Pressure Bandage 6 Inches, Haemostatic Kaolin Gauze 7.5 cm x 3.7 m, CPR Mask (one way valve), Burn Bandage 10×10 cm, FA Bandage 10×12 cm, Rescue Blanket, Nitrile Gloves (1 Pair – Large), Wound wipes (5 pcs), Fabric Plasters (20 pcs), Power Scissors, Forceps, Adhesive Tape Roll. Bag Dimensions (Filled) Length: 200 mm, Height: 100 mm, Width: 130 mm.


Civil First Aid Kit Bag. Content List: Tourniquet 1 pcs, Roll of tape 1 pcs, Band-Aid Patches 25 pcs, Scissors 1 pcs, Tweezers 1 pcs, Bandage (10X12 cm) 2 pcs, Rescue blanket 1 pcs, Mitella triangle bandage 2 pcs, CPR mask (disposable) 2 pcs, Nitrile gloves 2 pairs, Wound wipes 10 pcs. Lenght 21 cm,   Height 7 cm,  Width 13 cm.


Tourniquet to stop an arterial bleeding in the arm or leg. The tourniquet has an adhesive band and an adjustable buckle that allows it to fit many different sizes. The tension arm, which is easily operated with one hand, uses a free internal band to be able to provide greater and more comprehensive pressure on the area in question. The tension arm is then locked in position with a fixing buckle. To further secure the tension arm during transport, there is a Velcro strap that locks over the hooks. The Velcro has space to enter the time of the event. The touniquet is used temporarily while transport of the injured.

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