Anti- drönarsystem – DroneBlocker

Drone Blocker is a full-­stack counter Wi-­Fi UAV solution, from detection to Neutralization. For Wi-­Fi drones (Parrot Bebop, ArDrone, 3DR Solo…) and hybrid Radiofrequency/Wi-­Fi drones (some DJI Phantom, Yuneec Typhon, Blade Q350…), DroneBlocker offers extensive capacities from detection, localization, identification to neutralization – connection breaking and in some cases remote control of the drone.


Drone Blocker is a powerful and modular counter-­UAV solution, based on:

  • For detection: radiogoniometry, optronic, acoustic (and radar).
  • For neutralization: countermeasure means (jamming, remote control) and physical means


Depending on the drone, DroneBlocker can:

  • Break the Wi-­Fi link between drone and pilot => This attack works on the Wi-­Fi data links of all drones. It is 100% respectful of neighborhood and has no side effect on other communications.
  • Take control of the drone => The safest solution to minimize risks.
  • Make it fall or land to a safe area => Well-­fitted for automated countermeasure.
  • Hijack video stream from the drone => Blind the rogue pilot and/or get an instant video of him for legal evidence.


DroneBlocker offer the following features:

  • Day/Night capability (24/7)
  • All environments capability
  • Optimized for small and very small civil drones (<25kgs)
  • Automatic & Autonomous Turnkey Solution
  • Fixed or Mobile configurations
  • Cost efficient solution: Low Operational and Maintenance cost
  • Customizable to specific applications & threats
  • A Safe solution fitted to Public areas, transportation infrastructures & urban areas
  • Secured & Real Time C3i
  • Easy to install and Easy to use system


Future Ready:

  • Radar Detection & Jamming Sub System
  • Continuous follow-up capability and Integration to existing or future General Surveillance



Immediateness of detection, identification, localization and counter­measures is amongst the key features of DroneBlocker. Thanks to months of practice in the anti-­UAS fight, we have been continuously improving reactivity, in order to better fulfill business requirements. This includes but not only close-range environments with high level of reactivity, like airports and prisons where drones may take off very close or even within the protected area. Furthermore, with our system design, we are able not only to alert and react quickly, but also to detect some drones even before they take off – thus empowering operators to be proactive against threats. Finally, while countermeasures are triggered manually upon human decision, a fully automated mode is being developed for special cases requiring it.



The hardware of DroneBlocker has been hardened and supports cold, hot, rainy and windy conditions. More importantly, DroneBlocker works well even in environments well crowed or even saturated with waves (restrictions may apply). In urban environments, DroneBlocker has been tested with success with a few drones simultaneously surrounded by hundreds of Wi-­Fi sources in the neighborhood.


DroneBlocker’s installation usually requires no more than a few minutes for a non ­specialist. It requires little or even no manual configuration, it actually auto-­configuring itself for the rest. DroneBlocker is user friendly and easy to use. Its graphical user interface has been regularly praised to be intuitive and to make users quickly operational, thus requesting limited training. Finally, DroneBlocker further assists the user by continuously auto checking itself and warning the operator in case of issue, whatever the number and locations of its antennas.