Digital Night Vision Goggle – DNVG

* LEMO Plug (FGA.1B.316.CLAD52ZG, 16 pin)‏
* Extremely robust
* Mechanical Coding to ensure correct plug in
* Digital Input for Onscreen Display Messages
* Analog Input / Output for ANY (!) Image Source
* Digital Input / Output for Control Functions
* 5 V / 12 V supply for external gears,
– e.g illuminators
– or external cams



The revolution in night vision technology: the combination of leading photo-sensitive sensors in combination with highly sophisticated SW algorithms and real time computing results in a lightweight, low volume night vision device. 1:1 or 2:1 optics for law enforcement operation, dependent on model.

The DNVG-System provides unique analog and digital interfaces such as exporting the night vision image stream for recording or radio transmittance or importing information from external sources, e.g. 2nd cam, control commands from/to other devices and prompting of text commands. The Digital Night Vision Goggle System (powered by AD2V) makes operations safer and more effective.

The only digital night vision goggle that fully interfaces with combat and law enforcement helmets and can be worn underneath a visor. The goggle is designed specifically for forced entry operations and combat situations.

The goggle comes with built-in, additional adjustable infra-red illumination for passive and active operation. The goggles can be used in daylight without harming the system and even without realising the difference in picture quality as compared to night operation.
Live-firing or a flash bang will not create a blinding or blackout condition. The ergonomic design and the low weight allows comfortable use in motion, even during extended operations.
The device does not allow screen-light to be seen from the exterior. Can be worn with or without helmet just like a tactical goggle.

Digital black and white screens allow better target recognition and faster decision time. Improved spatial awareness and natural balance for the user. Instant dark to light or light to dark conditions are compensated for by the device and the user is unaffected.


  • The only night vision device that fits
  • under combat helmets
  • Can be used with or without helmet
  • It covers and protects the eyes and the face
  • No light produced by the goggle screens can  be detected from outside the mask
  • The goggles can be used during plain daylight
    – without harming the system
    – without realizing the difference in picture quality
  • No problem with the muzzle flash while live-firing
  • High Quality Black & White Screen
    – provides better target recognition, improves confidents and decision making
    – No green backgrounds
    – No “Tunnel Vision”
  • No irritation in changing light scenario