MHB-X Night Vision Monocular

Image Intensifier Tube –Generation 2+ , power supply with built-in bright flash protection
(with automatic brightness gain regulation). This offer is for 100 pcsPerformance attributes.



IIT 2+
Magnification 1
Button switch ON/IR yes
Long range for IR(direct light) yes
Angular field of view, degree 40±2
Focus range, m 0,25÷∞
Diopter Adjustment ±5
Resolution, lp/mm min- max 57-64
Supply voltage, V (1 universal lithium“CR123” batteries) 3
Active performance period without IR illumination, min, hours 80
Active performance period with IR illumination, min, hours 40
Output pupil diameter, mm 20
Output pupil relief, mm 15
Monocular weight (with 1 battery), no more, g 335
Mask weight, no more, g 180
Bag weight, g 250
Operating resource, hours 10000


Ambient conditions

  • Operating Temperature Range, °С -40 to +50
  • Relative Humidity at °С 98%
  • Shock resistance 5g

Dimensions: 117x58x65 mm

  1. Operating mode switch and batteries compartment cover are easy to use even when
  2. operating in gloves.
  3. Angle of IR illumination totally assures a field of view (controlled under assembling).
  4. Monoculars are performed as corrosion-proof.
  5. Low battery indicator.
  6. «IR-on» indicator.
  7. Possible mounting on a right/left side.

Standard set

  • Night Vision Monocular
  • Mask

Allows hands-free operation. High safety of mounting blocks and adjusting

  • Carrying Case
  • Shoulder strap
  • Lens paper


  • 3-х,5-x and 8-x magnifier lens

Easy and handful lens changing process at conducting viewing operations/ in field

  • 3-х afocal telescope
  • Easily mounts to the objective lens. Provides 3x magnification
  • Arms mounting adapter
  • Adapter for photo-video cameras
  • Flip-flop mechanism
  • Protective device from long bright light-striking («off» at Е>40lx, in 60 sec)